Global Youth Dialogue is aimed to bring an informed dialogue on youth related issues in Sri Lanka and elsewhere with a view to identifying challenges youth face and opportunities available to them to achieve their shared life goals. The Dialogue on youth can be informed by both empirical data and conceptual analysis from different parts of the world as well as the lived experiences of youth participants.

Topic: The Role of Social Media on Positive Youth Development

With the hope of raising children to become responsible, productive and active citizens with upstanding values, many youth-related organizations have focused their efforts on providing quality opportunities to encourage early participation in future civic engagements. Many organizations actively engage in social media to fulfill their goals most effectively. Social media offer the potential to promote those opportunities, communicate with youth, and eventually facilitate positive youth development. Considering the importance of social media among youth, it is critical to understand how to use it as a tool to foster youth development.

Discussion areas;

  • Framework for positive development
  • Examining the role of social media in developing their traits such as competence, confidence, connection, character, compassion, and contribution
  • Examining the effects and the critical role of social media in fostering positive development of youth and future civic engagement, and practical implications
  • Outcomes and Action Plans for Future

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Audience: All Conference Participants

Publication Workshop

Workshop on Scholarly Publications

Dissemination of research findings is an essential part of the scientific research process.  Hence, it is of utmost importance for a researcher who is writing a full paper with the aim of publishing in a reputable journal or in a reputable proceeding.  Furthermore, getting a paper published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal or proceeding is an important milestone for researchers.

Through the publication workshop, we intend to disseminate knowledge on writing scientific papers and scholarly publications to assist future researchers.  All conference participants are welcome to participate in this workshop.


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Audience: All conference participants


The non-presenting audience not only gets the opportunity to listen to the keynote speeches, and other insights shared by the top speakers, but also will get the opportunity of sharing their own ideas and insights