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Title: "The Impact of the Pandemic on the Education of Children and Youth"

The Covid19 Pandemic that affects the day to day lives of people has also disrupted the education of children and youth, partly due to the imposition of public health restrictions on the mobility and congregation of people. Though the switch to online modes of teaching has enabled many children and youth to take part in restricted educational activities, the lack of normal functioning of educational institutions has adversely affected their education and other related activities to varying extents. We are yet to understand to the nature and magnitude of these effects, both short term and long term, because there have been no detailed and systematic empirical studies on the issue. Given its great social and psychological significance, an interactive session at the conference on this theme can facilitate an exchange of ideas, experiences and observations of participants leading to the formulation of some research questions that can be explored in the near future from a social science perspective.

Prof. Siri Hettige


Emeritus Professor of Sociology
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka

Title: "Children’s Big Book: Kinds, Guidelines and Usage"

This workshop will select picture books as children’s reading materials by discussing its definitions, characteristics, kinds/types, themes and guides for evaluating and preparing the picture books. Next, a hands-on activity will be conducted where participants are asked to prepare the interesting children’s picture books

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chew Fong Peng


Associate Professor
Department of Language & Literacy Education
University of Malaya

Teng Hen Lan


New Era University College

Title: "How To Build An Assessment Tool For Identifying Community Strength For Children and Youth"

Some communities provide more resources and support for children than others.  It is possible to build a community, state, or national index of how strong communities are in their ability to meet the 3 Ps of Protection, Provision, and Participation for children, as identified in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.  The goal would be to introduce steps for how to do this.  And of course, I would be available for long-term consultation and data analysis for them if they do construct an assessment.

Prof. Dr. Yvonne M. Vissing


Professor Healthcare Studies | Director the Center for Childhood & Youth Studies
Salem State University

Title: "Enabling parents and educationists to raise mindful and responsible teenagers"

In a rapidly changing world, parenting and raising teenagers can be challenging. At the Maharishi University of Spirituality, extensive research in personality development through psycho-spiritual techniques has been conducted. This workshop plans to address some of the common challenges parents and educationists face by taking feedback from participants along with the extensive experience of the workshop conductors. By combining psychological and spiritual techniques, it has been found that one can more effectively modify behaviour positively both in teenagers and young adults. The workshop will entail working through real-life issues and providing easy-to-implement solutions as per tried-and-tested techniques developed at the Spiritual University.

Duration: 1 hour

Dr Asha Thakar

DPM, MD Psychiatry (Bom.)
The Maharishi University of Spirituality

Dr Minoo Ratan

Dr Minoo Ratan

M.Sc., B.Ed. PhD
The Maharishi University of Spirituality

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