Global Youth Dialogue is an opportunity to bring together researchers and academics working on youth and a small cross section of youth themselves to have an informed dialogue on youth related issues in Sri Lanka and elsewhere with a view to identifying challenges youth face and opportunities available to them to achieve their shared life goals. Given the fact that the CCY 2019 is expected to feature research presentations and deliberations on both children and youth, the impact of childhood experiences on the life chances of youth and challenges they face as a result can also be taken into consideration at the Dialogue.

While it is widely recognized today that globalization and other global dynamics are affecting youth everywhere due to their broadly shared experiences in different parts of the world, young people also have divergent life circumstances due to international variations in the above regard. This is particularly so due to widely shared aspirations of youth in a highly unequal world. How can youth have a shared understanding of their common experiences and divergent life circumstances?  Yet, such an understanding   would be an invaluable source of knowledge for young people and others.

The Dialogue on youth can be informed by both empirical data and conceptual analysis from different parts of the world as well as the lived experiences of youth participants. It is hoped that the deliberations at the Dialogue can help prepare a briefing paper that can be widely discussed both nationally and globally.

Join the Global Youth Dialogue at CCY’19 to listen to inspiring stories! Be an inspiration: Believe in yourself, and follow your passion. Passionate youth will change the world.

Why you should attend?

  • This forum provides with a platform in which we can discuss together openly the many realities, challenges and opportunities facing young people in today’s world.
  • This forum will offer a unique opportunity for panelists from different backgrounds to give their positive feedback to encourage and challenge the continued growth of youth with an international audience
  • Have a brilliant time engaging with peers of different cultures from across the world and present your views on how to develop young people to a successful person.
  • Rare opportunity in which young people’s innovative ideas and solutions are shared with decision – makers and international experts.

Who should attend?

  • Academics
  • Policy makers
  • Youth activists and Child & Youth Care practitioners
  • Parents, Child & family advocates
  • Teachers/Lectures
  • Students
  • Social Workers
  • NGO’s

On 4th July 2019

From 4.00 p.m to 6.30 p.m


Your Investment – Rs.2000

(Free participation for all CCY conference participants)



Around the world, tens of thousands of children face barriers to education and livelihoods, especially those living in low-resource communities that have high unemployment and a history of conflict. The most important thing we can do for our children is to help them acquire values and skills that they can rely on throughout their lives. We all want our children to grow up to be responsible citizens and good people. We want them to learn to feel, think and act with respect for themselves and for other people. We want them to pursue their own well-being, while also being considerate of the needs and feelings of others. We want them, in short, to develop strong character.
This is an experiential workshop that is designed to give participants an understanding of building a strong child mentally.



Dr. D. Bruce Carter

Associate Professor
Departments of Psychology and Human Development & Family Sciences, Falk College;
Syracuse University,


On 05th July 2019

From: 10.20a.m – 11.20a.m

(Free entrance to all conference participants)


The World Conference on Child and Youth 2019 will be hosting a youth gathering during the conference under the topic of Youth and social media with respect to cyberbullying.  This will bring to light the impacts of social media specifically to the youth of this generation and how to protect themselves from cyberbullying.


Cyberbullying is hurting someone using digital technologies such as emails, social media, instant messaging or websites. For example, being teased or made fun of online, having unpleasant comments, pictures or videos about you sent or posted on social media or websites, having someone use your screen name or password and pretending to be you to hurt someone else. Today cyberbullying has become one of the major issues faced by young people due to social media. There are many consequences of cyberbullying such as higher levels of depression and anxiety, emotional distress, poor physical health, and suicidal ideation.

This discussion will aim to identify vulnerable youth groups and create awareness about the issues of cyberbullying, by disseminating information and offering preventive measures to minimize cyber-violence and physical violence stemming from cyberbullying.

On 05th July 2019

From 4.00p.m – 5.00p.m

(Free entrance to all conference participants)