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CCY 2022

“The Pandemic, Climate Change and Adaptation to a World in Transition: Challenges for Children and Youth”

Call for Paper Tracks

Impact on Covid 19 Pandemic on Children
  • Early Childhood Development and the Pandemic
  • Home-Based Learning
  • Parent Child Relationship during the Pandemic
  • Parenting Practices during Pandemic
  • Mental Health of the Children during the Pandemic
  • Mitigating the risks of the COVID-19 on children
  • Child maltreatment during the pandemic
Child Protection
  • Child Protection Practice 
  • Children and Homelessness  
  • Reduce risk in child Protection  
  • Challenges of the Child Protection  
  • Children with Refugee Status  
  • Child poverty and deprivation  
  • Childhood statelessness  
  • Child Care and Child Development
Parenting and Child Development
  • Culture and parenting Parenting stress  
  • Child development and personality  
  • Parenting: An ecological perspective  
  • Parenting science  
  • Child development: Principles and perspectives  
  • Child development and the physical environment  
  • The role of the father
Empowering Youth
  • Youth Empowerment Strategies 
  • State Policies on Youth  
  • Migration, Employment and Youth  
  • Consuming Youth  
  • Positive youth development  
  • Leadership Skills Development
Career Development
  • Youth employment policies 
  • Job accessibility  
  • Youth Employment: Challenges and opportunities  
  • Women's career development  
  • The challenge of youth unemployment  
  • Youth unemployment: Causes and Solutions  
  • Entrepreneurship strategies
Children with Special Care
  • Children with Special Needs and Inclusive Education 
  • Special Needs Population  
  • Early Intervention Strategies for Sensory processing Disorder (SPD), Behavior Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  
  • Emotional / Behavioral Difficulties in The Classroom  
  • Early Childhood Trauma
Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on youth
  • Youth anxiety and depression 
  • Youth Mental Health during the Pandemic 
  • Youth Challenges and Opportunities 
  • The Challenge of youth unemployment 
  • Vulnerable youth and the COVID-19 pandemic
Child Rights
  • Convention on The Rights of Child
  • Children from violent families  
  • State Policies on Early Childhood Education and Implications  
  • Implementing child rights and protection law  
  • Child labor and Poverty 
  • Child labour: a public health perspective
Early Child Education
  • Effective practices 
  • Ethics and politics 
  • Critical issues 
  • Public Education: Children with disabilities  
  • Diversities in Early Child Education  
  • Alternative perspectives on early childhood education
Youth Education
  • E-Learning 
  • Globalization and Education-Challenges and Opportunities  
  • Refugees, Education and Development  
  • The Economic Value of youth higher Education  
  • Trends and perspectives 
  • Quality and power in higher education  
  • Digital higher education
Children and youth in the era of climate change
  • Impacts of the Climate Crisis on Children and Youth 
  • The impact of climate change for children in low-income countries  
  • Climate change and children: Issues  
  • The psychological effects  
  • The challenges of climate change  
  • Coping with climate change

Professor Niaz Asadullah is an Academic/Associate Editor of 6 ISI/WoS journals: International Journal of Educational Development (Elsevier), Journal of Human Development and Capabilities (Taylor & Francis), Asia Pacific Education Review (Springer); PLOS One, BMC Public Health (Springer); Singapore Economic Review (World Scientific) and Co-Editor of the Handbook of Labor, Human Resources and Population Economics (Springer Nature).

He is also on the editorial advisory board of COMPARE: A Journal of Comparative and International Education (Taylor & Francis), Journal of Poverty 

and Public Policy (Willey), Journal of Public Affairs (Willey),  Malaysian Journal of Economics  and Journal of Demography (Thailand).

Professor Asadullah received his Doctorate degree in Economics from Oxford University in 2005. He held visiting/academic positions at Reading, Harvard, Oxford, Manchester, Kent, Dhaka, BRAC, Chulalongkorn and Mindanao State Universities. His research relates to poverty, inequality, well-being, education, labor, skills and gender issues with a focus on children and youths. His work has been supported by international grants such as the Australian Development Research Award Scheme, Leverhulme Trust (UK), International Growth Centre (IGC),  the DFID (UK), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), South Asian Network of Economic Research Institutes, Global Education Commission, and the World Bank. He has also consulted for Asian Productivity Organization (APO), BRAC, Oxford Policy Management, BAPPENAS (Government of Indonesia), UN-ESCAP, UNESCO, the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO). His research on children/youths/adolescents has been published in economics journals as well as multi-disciplinary non-economics journals. In addition to 50+ ISI/WoS journal papers, Prof Asadullah has published 100+ media articles (opinion pieces) in newspapers/magazines, has delivered 100+ lectures/keynotes at national/international seminars/symposiums/conferences and has edited/reviewed 350+ research manuscripts for 100+ peer-reviewed ISI/WoS journals .